About Film & Kino

Around the world, cinemas are usually owned by private companies. In Norway, however, most cinemas are owned by the municipalities. Film & Kino is looking after both the private and the municipality owned cinemas interests concerning film and the running of cinemas. Membership is open to all cinemas. The organisation is governed by a national convention with delegates from all the member cinemas. Film & kino is a memeber of the european cinema organisation UNIC.

Digital movie theatres

Norway became the world’s first country with only digital cinema technology in July 2011. During the digitising process Film & Kino conducted the roll-out of 420 screens all over the country. This has been one of the most important tasks for the organisation the last years. In a periode of six to eight years, Film & Kino will offer support to the digital movie theatres.

Film & Kino’s fields of operations

  • Support functions connected to the digital movie theatres
  • Responsible for the film culture and educational programmes for children and youth
  • Developing the cinema and video industries
  • Give advice and develop know-how
  • Information and contact point for the public

The Mobile Cinema

The Mobile Cinema is Film & Kino’s arrangement for the screening of films in locations without a regular movie theatre. The Mobile Cinema brings all necessary equipment and can screen films on all kinds of premises all over the country. It is also digital and offers 3D.

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