About Film & Kino

Around the world, cinemas are usually owned by private companies. In Norway, however, most cinemas are owned by the municipalities. As a member organisation for the municipalities, Film & Kino is looking after their interests concerning film, the running of cinemas and video activities. Membership is open to all municipalities. The organisation is governed by a national convention with delegates from both the municipalities and the cinema and video industries.

Helps ensure public access to new and relevant films

Film & Kino administers a number of support initiatives for films. About 30 per cent of the films in regular theatrical release in Norway receive support from these initiatives.

During the next few years, the planning and co-ordination of the digitalising of Norwegian movie theatres will be one of the most important tasks for the organisation.

Film & Kino’s fields of operations are:

  • Digitalising Norwegian movie theatres
  • Support the import and distribution of films
  • Main executive responsibility for the government’s film culture and educational programmes for children and youth
  • The official financing of Norwegian film festivals
  • Developing the cinema and video industries
  • Give advice and develop know-how
  • Information and contact point for the public

Norwegian Cinema and Film Foundation

Film & Kino administers the Norwegian Cinema and Film Foundation, which was established in 1970. Norwegian law instructs this foundation to charge a certain percentage of cinema ticket sales as well as a levy on video sales and rentals. Film & Kino’s activities for the cinema and video industries are then financed by this foundation.

The Mobile Cinema

The Mobile Cinema is Film & Kino’s arrangement for the screening of films in locations without a regular movie theatre. The Mobile Cinema brings all necessary equipment and can screen films on all kinds of premises all over the country.

In addition, Film & Kino offers programming assistance for small cinemas without resources to maintain such a function. This arrangement is called S-Kino.

The periodical Film & Kino

The periodical Film & Kino has as a goal to be a leading cultural and film political publication that shall help further the interest in a broad film repertoire in movie theatres and on DVD. The periodical shall bring important issues concerning film, video and cinema policy up for discussion.

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