Film & Kino offers cinema related advice and guidance in a number of areas. A technical consultant assists the clients in constructing cinemas of the highest possible standard. The organisation arranges training courses for cinema employees in a wide range of subjects, from marketing and information to economical and technical matters.

Film & Kino supports local film and cinema initiatives all over Norway with the goal of furthering good films and increasing attendance figures. Quality and children’s films initiatives are prioritised but it is also possible to apply for support concerning, for instance, projects that further cinema or industry development.

Film & Kino organises special monthly screenings for cinema managers, enabling them to keep current on forthcoming films, so that they can choose the films that are most suitable for their local cinemas. The organisation also supports local cinema related events, strengthening the cinema as a cultural and social meeting place for the local community. For example, Film & Kino can support the making of special programmes of art films for the local cinema, animation workshops for children or other special events to increase cinema attendance.

The Mobile Cinema is an arrangement in which Film & Kino takes films, projectionists and projection equipment on the road, travelling around the country to reach places where films are not regularly exhibited.

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