Who are we?

Around the world, cinemas are usually owned by private companies. In Norway, however, most cinemas are owned by the municipalities. FILM&KINO is a member organisation for these municipalities, looking after their interests concerning film, the running of cinemas and video activities. Membership is open to all municipalities. At the moment, FILM&KINO has 149 municipalities as registered members. The organisation is governed by a national convention with delegates from both the municipalities and the cinema and video industries.

Additionally, FILM&KINO administers the Norwegian Cinema and Film Foundation, which was established in 1970. Norwegian law instructs this foundation to charge a certain percentage of cinema ticket sales as well as a levy on video sales and rentals. FILM&KINOs activities for the cinema and video industries are then financed by the foundation.

FILM&KINO also runs "The Mobile Cinema" (in Norwegian: "Bygdekinoen") and publishes the film periodical Film & Kino.

The main objectives of FILM&KINO are:

– Supporting the import, distribution and launching of films

– Development within the cinema and video industries

– Consultancy and training

– Information and public awareness

– Video support

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