To Game or Not To Game?

Seminaret vil foregå på engelsk og vil blant annet diskutere disse punktene:

  • Introduce the modern world of gaming including development companies, marketing companies and home experiences.
  • Bring together the gaming and film exhibition industries to the benefit of each other for audience development.
  • Gaming as an educational tool. The advantages of learning through gaming as art, culture, narrative, characterisation, consequences of actions, motor skills and media literacy.
  • To give film and education professionals experience of what the gaming world can bring to their programmes.
  • To emphasise the ‘thinning of the line’ between film and video games. No longer are these industries separated from each other but come hand in hand both on an industry level and creative level.

Du finner en foreløpig oversikt over seminaret under Aktuelle lenker til høyre. Der finner du også påmelding til seminaret og til Barnefilmfestivalen i Kristiansand.

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